Stones Park is a leader in the field of natural stone products, with years of experience working with buyers, marketers, architects and designers from all over the world, providing them with stone products from the Holy Land at the highest level of quality, used for cladding, flooring and decoration.

Stones Park specializes in working with natural stones chosen from the rarest and most spectacular in the Holy Land. A wide variety of select natural stones are available to buyers which can be combined into collections, integrated by designers and architects into architectural plans of buildings, giving clients a perfect, unique design with these rare and beautiful stones.

ProfessionalsThe stones are adaptable for any existing design and are suitable for flooring a house, paving a garden, for interior and exterior cladding, decorative design, creating artistic mosaics, original designs of bathroom fixtures, or creating unique elements of your choice – with an exceptional appearance, and with no limitation of demand.

You can choose, according to your needs, from a variety of types of processing and finishing, including artistic manual processing at standards that characterize the masonry artists of the ancient world, which guarantees a spectacular effect.

professional - 2Among the stones we market is the famous Jerusalem stone, known throughout the world, but it is not our only treasure (See Types of Stones). The company’s flagship stone is the beautiful holystone, hewn from a special quarry. This is a rare, quality stone we process from a quarry exclusive to Stones Park – read more about it in Types of Stones.

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Stones Park – a tiny piece of the Holy Land in your home.