The holystone is a beautiful stone, rare and exceptional, in high demand by first tier architects. The holystone is characterized by a fairly uniform appearance, and gives its surroundings a luxurious yet comfortable look.

It is sourced from a quarry that is exclusive to Stones Park, so you can find it here on a larger-than-average scale – recommended when working with stone.

Holystone is one of the most sought-after stones of the Holy Land. It is quarried especially for the company, processed by an ancient method of carving, worked by hand as in ancient times.

  • A white-cream colored stone that gives a uniform appearance, pleasing and tranquil to the eye.
  • Suitable for interior and exterior cladding, walls and floors of showers, interior and exterior flooring, stairs, handrails, window sills, door frames, and more.
  • Tile size – Since this is a natural stone unique to Stones Park, it is also available in very large measurements, giving your home a feeling of space and freedom.
  • Does not require high maintenance, a quality sealer should be applied once every few years.
  • Cleaning is a breeze – dirt is barely visible on the stone’s surface, one pass with a damp mop and the house is clean.


Color: White-cream
Absorbency: Low – does not require much maintenance or frequent cleaning.
Recommended processing method: Matte or glossy polishing, sandblasted, manual, tumbled, chiseled.
Suitable design style: Modern, elegant, clean, refined Provence.