Holy Land Stones

Holy Land stones have earned their global reputation as strong, beautiful stones with a unique energy that can only come from one of the holiest spots in the world.

The most familiar type of stone is of course the famous Jerusalem stone, which adorns the facades of many buildings in Jerusalem, but there is a kind of stone which is currently considered by many to be even more beautiful and favorable: the holystone.

This is a unique stone – a creamy white hue, which offers the perfect combination of strength, durability and extraordinary beauty, with a texture which is pleasing to the eye giving it a particularly spectacular natural look.

holy - 1

The holystone has become recommended by architects from around the world, including some of the leading and well-known professionals in the field of architecture. This highly sought after stone is rare and hard to come by.

Holystone is also available in very large measurements, which adds flexibility to design and produces impressive results especially in flooring or cladding.

holy - 2At Stones Park you can have the real thing: authentically sourced stones from the Holy Land, with quality, finishing and processing at the highest level, along with premium standard service for each and every buyer, agent, architect, designer and client.

Stones Park – a tiny piece of the Holy Land in your home.