Halila Stone

Halila Stone – also called Halila Marble, found south of Hebron.

A type of limestone with a fairly uniform appearance, and a texture full of tiny pores, most of them visible – as befits a natural limestone.
Halila stone is particularly suitable for cladding, but also serves well as bathroom surfaces and staircases, as well as exterior cladding. It is generally not used for flooring in the home, due to its high absorbency.

This unique stone is considered to be quite romantic, due to its stylish and aristocratic appearance. It comes in a relatively small variety of colors – from yellow to brown, mostly light shades. Its surface is usually uniform, and it blends with classic styles, such as Provence. However, because of its seamless look, it can also adapt and fit beautifully in homes with modern and clean design.


Halila Stone is divided into several varieties, cataloged using Latin letters. The variety considered the highest quality is super KK, and Halila KK stone is considered the highest level. Quality is determined by the level of strength of the stone, its surface appearance, and the degree of uniformity of color. These types of stones are very much in demand, which further contributes to the prestige of the stone. Another variety, very sought after and extremely rare, is the Halila Wastani stone, with a special appearance and soft texture, making the stone more sensitive. Typically, Halila Wastani is used for interior cladding mainly due to its sensitivity.


Color: Yellow, white, cream, mustard, brown
Absorbency: High. Like most limestone, Halila absorbs fluids and therefore requires regular maintenance.
Suitable design style: Provence, modern, clean
Recommended processing method: Toubzeh, sandblasted, manual