Kurkar Stone

Kurkar stone is a soft sandstone with spectacular beauty. It can endure over centuries, and its appearance only improves with time.

unnamed-2-600x600Kurkar stone is primarily used for exterior and interior cladding, but the Crusaders who ruled the country in the 11th and 12th centuries left behind buildings and fortresses in the inland and coastal regions built of Kurkar stone (Belvoir Fortress, Caesarea National Park, Sidni Ali fort in Herzliya, etc.). The stone has other uses as well.

Its hues are determined by where it was quarried, varying from light brown to yellow. Due to its softness, its primary use is interior and exterior wall cladding.

The magic of Kurkar stone

For buildings where a professional knows how to clad walls with natural stone, it’s striking how the overall appearance gets a significant upgrade. Today Kurkar stone is used for decoration at the highest level, even indoors. Many designers like to integrate Kurkar in entryways, stairs, showers, and wherever it can attract the eye with its spectacular authenticity.


Color: Brown to yellow
Absorbency: High. Because of its softness, it requires high maintenance
Suitable design style: Rustic, Provence, antique
Recommended processing method: Hammered, manual, chiseled, brushed, tumbled, sandblasted

We use large stones that were dismantled from very old buildings and old paving stones.

The magic of this ancient raw material used for centuries and the character it gives to its new environment is irreplaceable.