A piece of the Holy Land in your home

Natural stones from the Holy Land are extraordinary, beautiful, strong and unique on earth, over millennia they have absorbed the energy of their surroundings, sacred and significant to three major religions of the world.
These unequaled holy stones have silently witnessed thousands of years of ancient history – Biblical times, the kingdom of Israel, the time of Jesus, the Greek period, the Roman Empire, the Crusaders, the Muslim era, and more.

We are proud to offer you an impressive collection of selected varieties of natural stones from the Holy Land. The natural stones of Stones Park undergo a unique processing, carried out according to the principles of ancient stone masonry. This is not the usual, familiar industrial processing, this is done by hand, by experienced artists chiseling stone, manually transforming each piece of natural stone into a piece of art, just like the stone carvers of antiquity.

Our company offers you a select range of boutique, natural, high quality stones with a premium finish, direct from the Holy Land, among them beautiful, famous Jerusalem stone and a selection of rare, quality natural stones. Integrate them into a stunning design for your home. Imagine enjoying marble from the Holy Land or Jerusalem gold tiles in your own personal sphere. What could be better than the serenity of natural stone bricks from Jerusalem?

We provide customers with a seamless process to make purchasing as simple as possible. When a customer orders materials we issue a pro forma invoice. Once this is confirmed by the customer, a commercial invoice is issued and the customer opens a Letter of Credit. Both sides are insured, and the materials are sent to the local port (Israel). The customer works with a brokerage firm to expedite the materials. There is also an option for door to door transport, according to the customer’s wishes.

If you seek the perfect result with a remarkable look to each stone and tile, meticulously processed by hand, you can enjoy a product that is no less than a work of art with a whisper of history in your home.